The Accountant (2016)

A frustrating crime thriller that could have been great but instead is almost ruined by a third act that suffers from many silly narrative decisions. Full review

Arrival (2016)

Like all great science fiction, Denis Villeneuve’s brilliant masterpiece is a profound philosophical exploration of what makes us humans. Full review

Awakenings (1990)

A wonderful film that is sweet and melancholy without being sentimental and with two phenomenal performances by Robin Williams and Robert de Niro. Full review

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

If you don’t mind the fact that this Oscar-winning biography alters the real story considerably, it will certainly be a wonderful experience. Full review

Before I Wake (2016)

What could have been a great psychological drama about loss and healing turns out to be a frustrating and tonal mess after a promising beginning. Full review

Black Death (2010)

Bleak, intelligent and highly thought-provoking, this unfairly neglected blend of medieval drama and horror should have gotten a lot more attention than it did. Full review

Closet Monster (2015)

A beautiful and honest coming-of-age drama that stands out because of its conviction and uses a lot of fascinating symbolism to tackle familiar themes. Full review

Demolition (2015)

Despite Gyllenhaal’s praiseworthy performance, this is an unremarkable film that will hardly be remembered in the future as one of Vallée’s finest works. Full review

The Devil’s Rejects (2005)

It is hard to believe that this great sequel was made by the same man responsible for that atrocious first movie, and Zombie shows a surprising improvement as a filmmaker. Full review

Embrace of the Serpent (2015)

Ciro Guerra creates a powerful film of transcendent beauty about the arrogance of the Western white man in relation to Native American cultures. Full review

Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)

Like a thematic follow-up to Linklater’s Dazed and Confused, this is an irresistible film that captures the energy of youth with a lot of nostalgia. Full review

Fences (2016)

Like a long filmed play, Fences at least relies on some outstanding performances that compensate for the film’s lack of visual inventiveness. Full review

54: The Director’s Cut (1998/2015)

Mark Christopher’s newly-restored original cut is remarkably different from the 1998 theatrical version, especially with regard to what it wants to say. Full review

Fire at Sea (2016)

A striking look at the European refugee crisis whose fly-on-the-wall directing approach lets it build a revealing portrait of two contrasting realities. Full review

From Afar (2015)

While extremely telling as a visual piece of work, the script is unfortunately not so consistent, especially as the characters’ motivations become too implausible. Full review

Gangs of Wasseypur (2012)

An explosive crime saga that runs for over five hours and looks quite stunning and sophisticated for an Indian commercial production. Full review